Perforating blades

These blades are used for perforating material so that it can be torn later, easily and under control.

Example of a perforating knife - view.

This chapter includes blades used for perforating paper, foil, etc. They are used for perforating block calendars, printed forms, cement bags, toilet paper and boxes for tissues.


These tools can have different tooth shapes (by request of the customer), lengths, design, hardness and steel used. We offer perforating bands from a thickness of 0.2 mm, which are used e. g. in bagging machines - these are supplied as a band - or even thicker, supplied in pieces.


Example - Detail of perforating blade No. 1

Perforating knives may cut both against the plate, metal roller and against each other when one of them is toothed and the other smooth, and/or into a free space (slot).

The perforating blades can even be circular - we offer these products. They can be ground or cut and as you can see in Figs. 3 and 4, ground teeth can have another angle. These teeth can enter the material in a better way and their cutting edge is more stable.

Example - Detail of perforating blade No. 2

Then come the blades for perforating toilet paper. They are in two quality versions, i. e., tool steel and HSS (Bimetal). The most frequent lengths are: 2,700 mm and 1,700 mm either without perforation as a counterpart or with perforation 1+4 or 1+8 mm, but again the perforation size can be different according to the customer's request.

As is possible with all the blades we can offer a knife based on . The most common types and shapes are in stock . As with all the knives and saws, we grind them too..

Example - Detail of perforating blade No. 3

Example - Detail of perforating blade No. 4


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