Segment blades

We offer all kinds of blades for cardboard as well as those for slot machines such as Emba, Curioni, Göpfert, Jurin, Rapidex.

The following figures show 5 basic kinds of segment blades. Smooth, those with a groove, with a groove and chamfer, toothed for perforating shear and those with corrugated teeth.

The first three have no teeth. The fourth can process even cardboard of worse quality. It is used for the perforating shear. The fifth can be used for difficult materials, it can penetrate the cardboard better. Blades 4 and 5 cannot be ground!!. These segment tools can also be supplied with a nose and uni- or bilaterally closed groove. The usual thicknesses are 6, 8 and 10 mm. We can also offer finishing and trimming knives. We know all common machines well so we can identify the blade merely on the basis of its catalogue number.


This figure shows the cut-out principle used in slot machines.


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