Cross blades

Cross blades are used for the transverse division of the material in the production of sheet paper, cardboard, pulp and other products. These blades can have soldered edges of HSS.

We offer one-part cross blades up to the length of 6,000 mm. We supply both lower and upper cross tools for all well-known cutters. We have the majority of these blades in stock - Bruderhaus, Goebel, Kolbus, Will, Jagenberg, etc. The others can be delivered after sending us drawings or a sample.

An example of a cross blade - a view

Cross blades for cardboard: We supply these, e. g. for Asitrade, BHS, Fosber, Martin, and other machines. Even toothed knives of this type are available. We only need a catalogue number to identify them. They are mostly in stock.

Detail of a cross blade

Demonstrations of cross blades

Table of tolerations
Parallelism up to 0,005 mm
Flatness 0,1/1000 mm
Straightness up to 0,005 mm
Angularity up to 0,005 mm
Holes through hardened up to 1000 mm length
1000-2000 mm length
2000-3000 mm length
over 3000 mm length
0,5 mm
1,0 mm
1,5 mm
2,0 mm


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