Profile grinding

Profile grinding

Working area for profile grinding

Lange , lengh 2000 mm width 800 mm

We provide profile (shape) grinding of tools up to 2000 mm in size.

We grind the required shape in hardened material with pinpoint accuracy.

Thanks to the 7-axis grinder, we achieve precise quality and accuracy of each shape as well as the possibility to grind several surfaces at once.

We can grind each surface with a different wheel.

  • CNC grinding
  • Shape grinding
  • Profile grinding

We can grind any shape on counter-blades, that is, we make the mirror shape on both blades for perfect cut.

We grind

  • Serrated knives
  • Shaped chopping and cutting knives
  • Press brake tools
  • Blades for scissors
  • Linear guides
  • Guide rails
  • Special tools

The accuracy of parallelism and flatness is 0.002 mm

We grind special plates for moulds up to 1250 × 600 mm in size with an accuracy of up to 0.002 mm.

Our grinders achieve perfect surface quality of ground parts.
Profile grinding is suitable for the manufacture of special knives and cutting tools.

Profile grinding
Profile grinding