About the company

MERCEL, cutting knives s.r.o.
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Industrial knives

MERCEL, cutting knives s.r.o. is a 100% Czech company. Since 2006 it has been producing, supplying, grinding and servicing a wide range of cutting and perforating knives.

We design and manufacture industrial knives for printing, the food industry, packaging production, tire production, furniture production, sheet metal cutting, tobacco processing.

Made in Czech Republic

Our production plant is located in Třebechovice pod Orebem, Czech Republic. We produce knives exclusively from high quality European materials.

Custom production

We design special knives and cutting tools according to the client's requirements or we can produce them according to the supplied documentation.

We produce knives up to 4100 mm / ø 600 mm

We produce industrial knives up to a length of 4100 mm and up to a diameter of 600 mm. We use the highest quality tool steels and carefully select the most suitable steel for the intended use. We produce knives on modern grinders and machining equipment.

We grind knives up to 4500 mm / ø 600 mm

We provide complete service of knives, their grinding, and complete renovation. We grind industrial knives up to a length of 4500 mm and up to a diameter of 600 mm.


During many years of experience, we have acquired a number of unique items of knowledge with cutting various kinds of material. From special fabrics, to rubber, to sheet metal cutting. We will be happy to advise you on cutting and trimming.
We often participate in the development of new machines.

Knife accessories

We supply a complete range of auxiliary materials for the knives. Knife holders, plastic cutting sticks, drill bits for paper, etc.

High-quality materials

Our knives are made from the finest tool steels, hard metal (Tungsten Carbide) or a combination of both.

Company history

The history of Mercel, cutting knives s.r.o. dates back to the establishment of “Mercel-strojní nože” in 1993 and then to 2006 when this exclusively commercial company transformed into Mercel, cutting knives s.r.o.

Sharpening industrial knives since 2008

We began sharpening the first industrial knives and saws in 2008.

Producing industrial knives since 2010

The company began manufacturing small knives in 2010. The original commercial company has been transformed into a manufacturer with 20 production employees.  Today we manufacture knives up to 4100 mm long from alloy steels sourced from leading tool steel manufacturers.

Modern technologies

We used the latest CNC and NC machines with specialised software to manufacture knives. From the very beginning of our existence on the market, we have invested into new and modern grinding equipment and our tooling is regularly refreshed and modernised. This allows us to cover ever expanding areas of operation. The grinding machines we use enable us to remain at the technological cutting edge for sharpening industrial knives in the Czech Republic, and in Europe.

We deliver knives to all sectors of industry

The company continues to expand as customer demand grows and today the company is a supplier in the production of cardboard, the food industry, and the meat packing industry, the rubber industry, the automotive industry, the tobacco industry and the machine tool industry. The range of knives is complemented by various cutting tools and dies, such as those used to produce credit cards, drug displays, etc. From the beginning, we have specialised in both cutting and stamping. Our knives are delivered to customers from across Europe. We also provide consulting services focused on cutting the most diverse range of materials.

Accessories for industrial knives

Our company delivers industrial knives and related accessories for knives and cutting. These primarily include knife holders, cutting bars, grinding wheels for continual grinding during machine operation, and hardened cut-off wheels for automatic cutting machines.

Sales of machines for the paper industry

Another of our company’s activities is sales of used machines for the paper industry, including various shears, printing machines and other processing machines. An updated list of the used paper processing machines we currently have in stock can be found at www.mercel-used-machines.com.