Knives for cardboard

We produce a full range of knives for cardboard, knives for slotting machines such as Emba, Curioni, Göpfert, Jurin, Rapidex, etc.

We supply a complete range of knives for flap box production. Segmental knives are also produced according to the drawing documentation or according to the model.
We make our own drawing documentation. We produce various knives for bridge die cuts. We also produce ryles for cardboard penetration.
We offer various accessories, such as blade holders.

Knives for cardboard are very often delivered divided for easier assembly. We produce these knives from high-alloy steel, usually DIN 1.2080 with 12 % chromium. This steel ensures a longer blade life.

For carton factories we supply cross knives, especially for corrugation lines. We also supply circular knives for lengthwise cutting, circular knives for lengthwise dividing with automatic continual grinding of knives while the machine is running. We also offer band knives - knives for flat cutting for automatic die-cutters.

In the following pictures you can see 5 basic types of segmental knives. Smooth, with a groove, with a groove and facet, toothed for perforation cutting and wave-toothed.

The first three are without toothing. The fourth can also handle lower quality cardboard. It is used for the so-called perforation cut. The fifth is also for demanding materials, it penetrates the material better. Knives 4 and 5 cannot be ground! These segmental knives are also supplied with a nose and one-sided or both sides with a closed groove. Normal thicknesses are 6, 8 and 10 mm. We also supply finishing knives and cutting knives. We know this field so well that just the catalog number of the blade is sufficient for us for all known machines to identify it.

Cutting principle

In this figure, the principle of slotting machine cutting is demonstrated.

Cutting principle