Perforating knives

Perforating knives

The purpose of perforating knives is to perforate the material intermittently, thus cutting the material so that it can be torn off easily later. Perforating knives are used to perforate a wide range of products. From small items such as tear-off calendars, forms, toilet paper, paper bags to cement bags.

We produce perforating knives according to the customer's wishes

We produce perforating knives for perforating paper, plastics and textiles. At the customer's request, we can produce perforating knives in different perforation ratios, thus with different cut and uncut sections. We supply perforating knives with different tooth shapes according to the customer's wish, length, design, hardness and used steel.

We have perforating knives for Holweg, W&H, F&K, CASTALDINI and others for bagging perforating machines in stock. 

Perforation ratio

Perforation is made according to the customer's wishes according to the ratio of cut and non-cut parts.
This parameter depends on how easily two parts can be separated, for example 2:5, 4:3, etc. The ratio of cut and gap also applies to circular knives.

Direction of the perforation cut

Perforating knives are used for both lengthwise and crosswise perforations. Circular knives are used for lengthwise perforation, while long knives are used for crosswise cutting.

Perforating blade cutting method

Perforating knives can cut both against a backing, a metal cylinder, or against each other, where one is toothed and the other smooth, or into free space (slits).

Another example are knives for perforating toilet paper. They are usually of two qualities, namely tool steel and HSS (Bimetal). It is most often delivered in the lengths: 2700 mm and 1700 mm without perforation as a counter piece, or with perforation 1+4 or 1+8 mm, but again it is possible to deliver other dimensions of perforation at the customer's request.

As with other knives, we are able to deliver perforating knives based on a pattern. We have most of the commonly used types and shapes of perforating knives in stock. As with all knives and saws, we also ensure grinding for these knives.