Circular knives

Circular knives

Circular knives are used for the lengthwise cutting of material. We produce a complete range of circular knives for various applications. The upper and lower knives are made of various types of steel and hard metal. We produce knives according to the drawings or according to the supplied pattern. The standard types of circular knives are available for immediate delivery.

We produce circular knives up to the diameter of 600 mm.

Circular knives according to the cutting method

  • blade against blade, cutting edge on cutting edge
  • blade against cylindrical surface, cutting edge directly against the surfac
  • blade against the gap, cutting edge into free space

Special knives with a special finish are required for each cutting method.

Circular knives
Circular knives
Circular knives
Circular knives
Circular knives
Circular knives


We manufacture circular knives from special types of steel and hard metal (Tungens Carbide), knives with TIN coating (titanium) or with Teflon coating.
We produce circular knives up to the diameter of 600 mm


For circular blade grinding we use the most modern grinders. Knives are ground with special angles that we have tested and can be recommended for the most appropriate use.

Polishing the cutting edge

We polish the surfaces of the knives that make up the cutting edge. We have proven that the knives sharpened in this way achieve a 100% longer life and 3x better cut quality than unpolished knives. This greatly extends the life of the knives and the and the knife grinding cycle.


For the use of circular knives, we also supply blade holders and holder components such as springs - flat and spiral, rings, pneumatic hoses.

Service and consulting

We have extensive experience in the production and use of circular knives. We provide consultancy services in the use of knives. We also recommend the method of cutting, grinding, storage.


On this page you can see the photo of the knives we have manufactured for our customers.

Circular knives usually cut against the lower blade as can be seen in the diagram. This is called the scissor method - the cut occurs here. Knives that cut against a metal cylinder, this cutting is called PRESSING.

Examples of the scissor cutting method:

Knife holders

We produce top circular knife holders. The holders ensure the correct pressure against the lower blade. The pressure is provided by the spiral springs.

The holders are two-step with down and side motion, mechanical or pneumatic. The holders and knives are also made with a smooth shaft clamp by means of an eccentric inside the holder. Holders vary according to the machine speed.

We also make adjustments and reconstructions of the cutting parts of machines.