Cross knives

Cross knives are used for the crosswise cutting of material in the manufacture of sheet paper, cardboard, cellulose and other products. These knives can have a soldered cutting edge from HSS.

The use of cross knives

Cross knives are used for the crosswise cutting of material, thus mostly interrupting the flow of material. They can be both toothed and non-toothed. They have a gradual cut. We supply knives for the crosswise cutting of paper, textiles, sheet metal, plastics, monolithic and bimetallic knives. The knives should have a sufficiently rigid construction to ensure a clean cut.

Cutting principle

Cross knives can cut on the principle of static knives or moving against the knives, or both knives can rotate against each other clamped or on cylinders, or move against each other. However, a knife for crosswise cutting may also be circular. Mounted on guiding and divides the material through the individual crossovers. It can cut against a stick, or it can be driven and cut into a gap. We produce knives up to a length of 4,000 mm.

Adjustment of cross knives

Adjusting cross knives is a professional activity and requires experience. Both knives are always ground.

Cross knives Cross knives

Table of tolerances

Terminology Symbol Accuracy
Parallelism up to 0.005 mm
Surface plane 0,1/1000 mm
Straightness up to 0.005 mm
Rectangularity up to 0.005 mm
Holes through the quenching up to 1000 mm length
1000-2000 mm length
2000-3000 mm length
over 3000 mm length
0,5 mm
1,0 mm
1,5 mm
2,0 mm