Guillotines and trimmers

Guillotines and trimmers

We produce a complete range of knives for trimmers and guillotines, bimetallic knives with hard metal, HSS and tool steel.

We have most knives in stock for quick delivery. The knives are supplied in protective cases. They are also preserved for long-term storage. We also produce monolithic knives on the basis of drawing documentation.

Cutting angles

We deal with cutting comprehensively, we also provide consulting services and recommend blade cutting angles, we will also recommend the most suitable blade material, etc. On this page you will also find general recommendations for angles for each paper type.

Guillotines and trimmers
Guillotines and trimmers
Guillotines and trimmers

Manufacturing knives with HM plate soldered on for guillotines and trimmers

We manufacture knives with soldered-on TC plate for stack cutters and trimmers.
Our production covers the whole range of knives for cutters of various manufacturers. We have sufficient supplies of material and are able to respond very quickly to produce a knife for any cutter.

We also manufacture knives with plates for special applications, for the textile industry etc.
We produce carbide knives up to 3000 mm long.
The carbide we use for our knives is F10. It is an alloy of submicron carbides with good strength for cutting paper and textile, so called Feinstkornmetall, i.e. carbide with fine structure ensuring long life (a high number of cuts).

Cutting sticks

We also supply cutting sticks for cutting machines in three levels of hardness, depending on the type and hardness of the knives. We offer straight and corrugated sticks (against the sliding of the sticks). The sticks are divided by hardness in this order of red, gray, white.

Magnetic strips

We also offer magnetic strips for ram table cutters. These strips are a great aid in cutting material of unequal height, where the material is unevenly compressed before cutting. The knife then drifts in under-compressed material and can undercut.

Paper stops

We also supply paper stops where the stack of paper needs to be tapped when it starts. We supply them in two sizes. An ergonomically-adjusted handle prevents fatigue, the stop is provided with a lower hardened edge.

We provide the grinding of all knives purchased by us. The price list for knives not purchased here can be found in the grinding knives section.