Knives for food

Knives for food

Our company supplies knives both for the own processing of food, but also for the entire food industry. In addition to the food division itself, knives in the food industry are used, for example, in packaging processing in packaging lines. We also supply food knives in stainless steel.

Our product range includes:

  • cutter knives
  • deburring knives
  • filling needles
  • knives for meat mills
  • cutter knives
  • knives for packaging machines
  • band saws


Our program includes knives for these machines

Alexanderwerk Baader Bibun Cato Diana
Fatosa Feuring Flema Gotz Hely Joly
Hobart Hoegger-Alpina Kilia Knescht Krämer+Grebe
Kronen KS Laska Mado Mainca
Manurhin Meissner Müller Nematec Ramon
Rex Düker Robot-Coupe Rower Seco Seneca
Seydelmann Stephan Strommen Top-Lock T-Vall

We keep a portion of these knives in stock for our customers. For these knives, we also ensure grinding.