Knives for metal

Knives for sheet metal - blades for guillotine shears and bending tools

In the majority of sheet metal cutting, this is a scissor cut. We supply knives for sheet metal cutting from 0.3 mm to 30 mm, up to a maximum of 2400 N/mm2.

We supply knives for machines of many manufacturers

Here are some machine manufacturers to which we supply knives.

Amada Atlantic Beyeler/Sagita Cidan
Cincinnati Darley Edwards EHT
Haco Lotze LVD RAS etc.

We produce knives up to 4100 m

We produce knives for sheet metal shears of various shapes up to a length of 4100 mm. We carefully select the most suitable steel for your use so that your knives achieve maximum performance.
We monitor individual manufacturing operations throughout the manufacturing process.

Tolerance 0.02 mm to 4000 mm

We pay great attention to quench hardening Grinding and final operations go through the final inspection. The knives produced here are within a tolerance of 0.02 mm to 4000 mm.

Knives for metal Knives for metal Knives for metal

Coating of knives

Multifunctional multi-layer coating of Variantic TiALN + TiCN knives

Coating the knives increases their life span. It provides excellent results for particle machining, forming and cutting.

In addition, the TiAN core structure with thermal resistance, combined with a very thin TiCN coating, is a combination that will bring improvements for most applications.

There will be further improvements in the forming process if the Duplex-VARIANTIC process is selected.

Advantages and properties of the coating

  • can be applied to high speed steel and sintered carbide tools
  • significantly reduces friction
  • nano-coated structure
  • high resistance against abrasion
  • houževnatý, tvrdý a stabilní až do 800°C
HV 0,05 3500 ± 500 HV
Coefficient of friction against 100 Cr 6 0,2
Max. temperature use 800 °C
Thickness of the coating 2-4 μm
Coating structure nano-layered