Knives for plastics

Knives for plastics

Knives for plastics in the food industry

We produce knives and tools for the processing of plastics in packaging individual products or product groups. Knives for plastics are designed for wrapping and packaging machines for packaging food and beverages as well as other types of products, for example for bulk food packaging. For example, for Laudenberg, HDG, Mespack, Corazza, Petripack, Benhil and other machines.

Mechanical knives for the textile industry

We also produce various types of mechanical knives for the textile industry.

Heated knives

We also produce heated knives that allow easier material separation. Heated knives for plastic are used where the packaging material needs to be cut and subsequently sealed. The knives can be heated according to the material chosen and use up to 230 °C.

Knives for recycling

We produce and supply knives for the adjustment of the processing and recycling of plastic, knives for various mills and crushers.

Design of the knives

Knives for plastic are also available in toothed and non-toothed versions. Cutting knives are supplied from high alloy steels mainly HSS. Knives come in one piece as well as in a set.